Talking Environment and Culture

Instead of working on a podcast today, I was a guest on Yeast Radio live.  I highly recommend you listen regularly to Madge Weinstein’s Yeast Radio, unless you’re afraid of an opinionated, possibly insane, angry womyn with a y.  I don’t mention her program enough, perhaps because I don’t give my audience enough credit that they wouldn’t understand what is both, enlightening and just plain fun about her podcast.

 In this particular program we talk about some of my sources for audio on the internet, what is wrong with all the candidates currently seeking the nomination in the United States, and the environment or lack of discussion about the environment by the media and the candidates themselves. Of course in between all this there is constant feedback from the audience in the chat room, and plenty of Madgisms that even Madge herself cannot explain.


  1. Roland Koch
    January 25, 2008

    I somehow managed to only get the last minutes of the live stream and I’m thankfull that you now post the link here. I just posted some of your anti-tech-podcast-thoughts on some site, so maybe the words spread out 🙂
    But keep in mind to not get to snotty and putting all those “tech-geeks”, “the others” together or underestimate your listeners, because there actually are quite a few people trying to change the world in a good way and your thoughts are heart by a lot of listeners and believe it or not: The ideas and problems concerning politics, economics discussed in most left/ liberal blogs or even in this podcasts are known for at least 100 years (see Marx, Hegel etc.). So to speak: “All Quiet on the Western Front”. And honestly, we are talking politics and not rocket science. So there is nothing complicated only a small group can understand. Nevertheless its a good thing and I encourage you to do so, to continuously repeat the ideas, alltough, and I think I can hear it from the undertone of your voice, it can be frustrating. Those in power, without hiding any more, are slapping the helpless and the whole world is watching.
    Honestly, I would love talking more about this, but I think neither is there enough space left nor should I fill your blog with my spam/ gibberish.

    Btw. thx for this blog.

    • bicyclemark
      January 27, 2008

      Roland youre always welcome to leave thoughts on the blog… and I thank you for having done so.

      Indeed Ive gotten email from good people asking me to please not be so quick to pass judgement on the techies. Of course most tech friends should recognize Im not talking about those who have a social conscious. And honestly.. there is a nice abundance of tech people with a social conscious in Germany.. and I love that. For that reason alone Im signing up for German lessons this month.

      Our frustration, like you said, is the amount of attention certain tech blogs get at the expense of other sites that provide much more important information that IF people knew about they Might actually take action. Maybe. A big maybe, I know. So thats why we poke fun at Scoble… and why I hate the super popular gadget blogs that ignore the real world.

      anyway judging by your well-informed words.. .you get my point even if I words arent always the best ones. But point taken… dont underestimate tech nerds.

  2. January 25, 2008

    So moved was I by your comments about karmabanque that I’ve re-uploaded the karmabanque programme were you discussed the effectiveness of the targeted boycott of Coca-Cola as a means of monetizing dissent way back in July 2006.

    Much love see above.

  3. bicyclemark
    January 26, 2008

    ah yes.

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