Great MLK Talk

It has been some time, since the show changed format, that I was blown away by an episode of Radio Open Source.  They’ve been doing alot of arts related interviews, they being Chris Lydon, and I’ve felt the show has lost its global conversation feel.  But nevermind that, today I was riding my bike from the University of Amsterdam and I almost forgot where I was… as the interview Chris did was really that powerful.

His guest is a gentleman named Michael Haynes, who had a special relationship with Martin Luther King Jr, and founded a church with him in Boston.  The man has tremendous insight into MLK and his philosophy.  Often times, when someone starts on about what MLK would say about the state of the US today, it is almost cliché…. and empty.  But not in this case… Haynes had me rewinding and listening again and stopping just to consider what he said.

I strongly recommend you take some time from all that is so important in your daily routine, or maybe just pop this onto your mp3 player instead of that Radiohead album you’ve been listening to over and over again.  In fact, if you happen to be a teacher, make this one a special lesson this week. It is better than any history book, I can promise you that.