bm243 Aceh Villagers vs. Exxon-Mobile

It might seem like an impossible battle, but it is actually possible for people outside the United States who suffer from the activities of an American company, organization, or government, to take their fight to a US court room. And that is just what a group of Villagers from Indonesia have been trying to do for the last few years.

This podcast is to explain the case of the Villagers from Aceh versus Exxon-Mobile, one of the world’s most powerful oil companies which stands accused of sponsoring torture, rape, and kidnapping in Aceh. How could such crimes have happened? How is it that a group of people in another country can actually seek justice in a US court? This podcast explains the issues involved, the Alien Tort Act which makes it possible, and the progression of the case until now.

I also recommend reading my sources, Scotusblog and articles by David Corn of the nation, among others.