Memories and Photos

As part of coming home to New Jersey for the holidays, I spend lots of time going through old photos.  Scanning most of them and putting them up my flickr site. 

In these photos I see faces and I see places that are sometimes overwhelming.. times when I was so happy, or unhappy as the case may be. People who meant alot to me, some of whom have disappeared from my life.  I also spend time reading old letters.  Letters from friends to me when I was living in France.  Letters from myself that I never sent.  Love letters that almost seem silly or naive all these years later.

It makes me appreciate what an amazing life I’ve lived up to now and all that I’ve done and admittedly, frequently take for granted or forget.  That is one reason I blog and I post so much of my life online.  I don’t want to forget and I have a hard time remembering all these adventures and all these people.. they seem to spill out of my memory and get lost in boxes and envelopes.

Naturally when I’m done looking at these photos and reading these words, I’ll put them away again, and get back to my life and my work that are so interesting and important to me.  In the mean time… here are just a few places and faces that I’ve been remembering.