Bicyclemark on Off The Hook

Click here to listen to me as part of the latest episode of Off The Hook which normally airs on WBAI 99.5 in New York (or the internet).  I’ve been listening to Off the Hook for more than 10 years, no matter what country I’m in or what is going on, I always have OTH on my mp3 player.  Thankfully in the last year I finally met some of the boys from 2600 and last night I went up to the studios in lower manhattan and sat in as one of the many guests.  It was a pleasure to see the studio and put a face to so many of those names at the station.

I digress, follow the link, and give it a listen. Its not earth shattering, but I had a fantastic time.


  1. David Peterkofsky
    January 3, 2008

    I don’t understand the point of this show — is it always about telephone service? What gives?

    • bicyclemark
      January 3, 2008

      in the end David.. if you’ve given it a few listens and you don’t like it.. do you need me to convince you otherwise?

      • David P
        January 4, 2008

        Actually, I listened to the whole show and found it pretty compelling. I guess I’m into geeky stuff like that. I wish you’d been able to chime in more!

  2. Anno Nimize
    January 3, 2008

    Hi Mark,

    I just got your latest Twitter Post and right now I hear you on the
    Off The Hook
    live stream. The link you posted here doesn’t work anymore. Here is the new working link for the recorded stream:

    Mark @ Off The Hook in December
    . It’s very interesting hearing you and the other guest speak about Germany
    and palliating all the things over here 🙂

    • bicyclemark
      January 3, 2008

      Ha! forgive us Anno when when get things wrong. sometimes just being frequent visitors makes people look to us like experts and I know as an expert.. I make alot of mistakes.

      • bicyclemark
        January 3, 2008

        By the way, that link is to the mp3 of the program. I dont expect blog readers to be on time for a stream… except you of course!

      • Anno Nimize
        January 5, 2008

        For those interested, I just wanted you to have the latest episode of “Off the Hook” with Bicycemark and a few other guys from the US talking about the 24C3, US, Germany and recent events.

        Please Mark, don’t pardon yourself, cause you haven’t actually done anything wrong, quite the contrary: I’m sourrounded by people talking and thinking similiar to myself on a daily basis and often I detect myself consuming media that suits my own thinking best and for a lot other obvious reasons it’s very difficult to get a different or even a conflicting point of view. So giving me diverging views on my own and my country kind a helps me rising questions and thinking about a lot of things. Eg.: Why is the German police so kind to English speaking foreigners and acts very differently in most other situations? Why the guys in the talk think that most Germans listen to what is said in demonstrations more, than in other parts of the worlds? Why they think that every website visit will be logged, afaik it’s not part of the so called data retention? Why these US guests believe that it is legal for non adults to have booze? Why do they think we over here have a less active police or surveillance? Is it that special, that there is a new law and most adapt to these new situation (smoking law) and so on …
        This must sound a bit like me complaining about those guys not getting their facts straight, but far from it. These question I presumably had never asked myself otherwise. While I listend to the show, I took my thoughts and went right into the offthehook irc channel and talked about the show with some American, English and Swedish guys a couple of hours and we had a lot of fun and everyone added about recent and ongoing events in their countries. Yesterday a few friends and I listened to the recordings and again we had some new aspects we never had before. To sum it up: It’s a good thing to have some diversity, even if things are so clear from one perspective.

        Just a small hint for those who get the chance of hearing the live stream of OTH on the WBAI network: After the show is over, stay tuned for the next show called Personal Computer Radio Show (NY). These guys are hilarious and take them far to serious for their own good. Just an example: “.. I would never trust all these open software projects with there build in trojans and spyware …”.

        Thanks Mark for letting us know about this great show.

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