Being Inspired

Let me start by sending a big thank you to my friends at Brooklyn College. Earlier today I spoke as a guest lecturer in a mass media course. The topic: citizenjournalism, blogs, and this expanding world that I’m a part of.

As true as it is that I like to talk and if given the chance I’ll go on and on. Even better to speak with a crowd that nods like they understand me. Like they’ve had related thoughts that my words remind them of. Or they have a more in depth opinion and idea that they’d like to throw at me to hear my response. The kind of crowd that is not out to try and insult you or prove you wrong somehow, but rather, a group that shares the same goal of wanting a better world, and finding ways for more voices to be heard and less misunderstanding between countries and cultures.

When it was all over, seeing some faces looking back at me with a look of “thanks for that”, and everyone that came over to shake my hand and talk further, it was the kind of interaction that washes away any trace of doubt or worry about pursuing my work as a citizen reporter. A good friend said to me “Yes remember this feeling tonight and the things people said to you after the talk, remember that whenever you feel down or lost as a dedicated podcaster.”

– I will. Thank you Brooklyn College.