bmtv62 Inside the European Parliament

This was done on the fly as many people gave me dirty looks during a recent work-related morning at the European Parliament. Blogging and podcasting have taken me many places and brought me many benefits, but it is funny to consider this is the second time this year and I’m sitting in one of the chambers of the parliament as part of a blog related project. Oh and since I was feeling the pressure to turn off the camera, my point never really got off the ground. Alas… here’s the vlog anyway.

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  1. November 10, 2007

    this really was brief 🙂 hope you’ll report on this on some of the upcoming posts/podcasts. bye!

    • bicyclemark
      November 11, 2007

      Hi Mejs… true indeed I was rushed.. but the issue is definitely one that Ill come back to again and again since its not going away. So stay tuned for that..

  2. November 10, 2007

    I feel the pressure!

    Is is really just a matter of “better” education? Or maybe people just don’t care at all? Maybe they’re political in completely other arenas, and we should just forget about trying to explain structures and such.

    Cool view. I’ve only seen it from the outside.

    • bicyclemark
      November 11, 2007

      Hmm.. see Id still like to see what countries would be like after many generations of a solid media and civic education.. one the teaches people how the media works and how they are connected to their government. (i guess some countries have the civic part already.. only this one would be geared towards EU). Of course theres no garuntee it would work, but I would hope that having received a better education; more information at an earlier stage in life.. they would do more than look at these institutions with contempt, but rather look at them critically yet constructively. maybe…

  3. daniela
    November 23, 2007

    one comment:
    “civic information is not enough”
    true that.

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