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A vlog entry from Berlin talking about travel and transport alternatives within Europe and the culture of NOT flying short distances. Also I mention EWG again, an excellent source to help us all navigate through life. Click To Play


  1. […] with Bicyclemark wrote an interesting post today on bmtv61 Less FlyingHere’s a quick excerpt [IMG Video thumbnail. Click to play] A vlog entry from Berlin talking about travel and transport alternatives within Europe and the culture of NOT flying short distances. Also I mention EWG again, an excellent source to help us all navigate through life. Click To Play Tags: airtravel, environment, europe, globalwarming, transport Download Podcast Video Share This […]

  2. November 6, 2007

    nice points. i have ben out of touch with the blog and ‘casts. I missed you.

    • bicyclemark
      November 8, 2007

      Hi Mikey.. its ok my friend. Do what you must and I always look forward to hearing from you eventually anyway. Enjoyed the subway ride podcast the other day.. and keep going with the interviews.

  3. November 6, 2007

    spot on mark. I was in Berlin this weekend too. found a lift on which is mostly german but you can find lifts all over Europe on there. We sat in a traffic jam on the way home (you probably sat in it too) and I saw so many cars with one or two passengers. car pool websites are great for people with cars too!!!

    thanks again for your tireless work.

    Viele Grüße

    • bicyclemark
      November 8, 2007

      Ellie.. thanks so much for the comment. I was indeed in traffic jams so unbelievably huge near Hannover and even before on the Berlin ring.. Ive never seen that.. I thought NL was a bad country for traffic. Germans need to let go of the car. Guess theres a rail strike too… ugh theres an issue Ive barely read enough about.

      anyway.. maybe see you while hitchhiking sometime soon!

  4. November 7, 2007


    Anne-Mieke brought me to this Vlog. Very nice item!

    I can add some extra reasons to your request:

    Less flying, less driving, less consuming not only means less polution (like co2) but also means:

    – less war (oil is war,
    – less environmental destruction (digging oil from the globe means more and more ruiening the globe) For example tar sands in Alberta ( and venuzuela, Coal to Liquid (CTL) in South Africa
    – more equal diversion of money between poor and rhich people. Only a few people get very rhich from oil (corruption).

    Keep up your good work.

    Bye, Danny (The Netherland)

    • bicyclemark
      November 8, 2007

      Danny — thanks for the comments. Indeed any friend of A-M is a friend of this blog. peak oil link.. yes.. it makes its appearance on this blog fairly often in peoples comments. Go figure.

      take care..

  5. Anno Nimize
    December 5, 2007


    what is going on there at the UN Climate Conference: Not Enough Parking for Private Jets Going to UN Climate Conference.
    The Paking Issue

    Personally, I’m running out of words to describe this kind of cynical behaviour, but maybe someone else or even Mark can help me out 🙂

    • bicyclemark
      December 6, 2007

      Anno.. ha.. yeah I read that one. Ironic indeed. but actually it is a snapshot of the kind of world we live in and the kind of leadership we have. Everyone flies in on their own private jet.
      stay angry.. use the cynicism…

  6. Anno Nimize
    December 12, 2007


    lately I stumbled across a site, that is dealing exactly with the problems of poluting through flying (AtmosFair) you are talking about. (Don’t be afraid about the German domain, they got as well an easy accessible English section inside.)

    Whats the site about? I didn’t had the time to read the entire page, so I can only give you a brief introduction and I encourage you to explore the site yourself for more informations: Alongside a lot of briefings about each project they are involved in and the current situation we are living in, you can very accurately calculate the among of emissions you produce on your flights. As a result you will get a fency overview including the amount of money needed for your produced emissions beeing prevented somewhere else through a regenerative energy project. In other words: They don’t want everyone to stop flying, cause mostly you are unable to, but to invest your proportionate value in money for their projects. Undergoing constant public reviews, making all the actions openly and having accountable persons for each project is their way of beeing as transparent as possible. At the same time the team consisting of approximate 10 people trys to stay realistic: They know, that financing a few countries, mainly in the third world, with regenerative projects is not the one solution for all our problems and doesn’t absolve us from our responsibilities as humans.
    At last they are aware of course, that there are a lot of greedy persons in charge literally begging for this kind of money…

    As said in a recent interview one percent of all “flying” germans allready used this service in this year and while they are in negotiations with airlines and travel agencies I personally hope to hear from them again in the upcoming next year. Their near future goals are to no longer finance independent projects with the 1m Euro (1.5m USDollar) available to them today, but to invest in full featured long term programms with approximate 20m Euro (30m USDollar) they hope to get in the next years.

    I didn’t present the project here, because I’m affiliated with them and by no means I don’t want you to spend money on them, if you don’t feel confident about the cause. And first and foremost, I didn’t want to urge you to make a podcast about this, but rather to let you know, that again there is one more small group of people, like you, out there, that cares to do something.

    Full of expectation to finally got an aspect you didn’t allready know, I say goodbye 🙂

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