Cliché Day is Over

I’m relieved that international cliché day has now passed.

I don’t want to hear anymore “I remember where I was when JFK was killed” style stories.

No more using people’s deaths as an excuse to kill.

People who are close to us and people we don’t ever think about are dying everyday, and on most of those occasions… it is also unnecessary.

In previous years I tell stories and record podcasts related to how I remember that day and how our community took action and how things looked from my house.

But I’m tired of the cliché. Especially from the mouth of allegedly qualified political leaders. Tired of pointless war and torture and violence in the name of another cliché.

Even writing these words becomes redundant and fake-sounding. So I’ll stop. I’m just relieved that date has again passed.

I yield my time to the gentleman from the city of Angels.