bm218 Remembering Search and Rescue in New Orleans

I recently gave a talk at the Chaos Communication Camp on the subject of New Orleans and the Federal Flood; a mix of my observations and research combined with all that I’ve learned from the many excellent NOLA bloggers. After the talk Rob Savoye walked up to me with lots of kind words, and explained that he was there in the days following the storm, working to give people medical care, food, and shelter. This podcast features his story. (recorded as the CCC was being dismantled around us)

Rob’s site
Rising Tide Conference

We discuss:
– His work as a search and rescue volunteer
– When Katrina hit, the decision to go
– First contact with victims and authorities
– Intimidation versus encouragement from different authorities
– Day to day tasks
– The importance of communication and art
– Keeping America interested
– How Rainbow families works
– The mainstream media
– Future disaster relief preparation