Working on a Tsunami Followup

Part of reporting and researching the under reported and the issues that involve humans struggling to survive means looking back at events that have led to struggles still taking place today. Which is why recently I’ve been scouring the internets for people reporting about or working in some way with Tsunami recovery.

It has been almost three years since close to 230,000 people throughout south asia were killed in that terrible disaster. Entire communities were erased, families seperated or forever scarred, and industries crippled.

Initially the internet had several beakons for communicating what was happenning and appealing to the world for help. I remember linking to a Tsunami Blog back in 2004. But unfortunately, as is the case with many good intentioned blogs, many of these sites have been abandoned or retired. Leaving, what I believe to be, a gap of information; a lack of reporting about communities that are still struggling and could benefit from assistance or even just attention from the outside world.

In an attempt to produce a podcast on this issue, I’ve launched a few signal flares to bloggers and organizations that were working back then and may still be working on this issue. My hope is that they share my desire to bring the story back into the internet conversation… back into our hearts and minds. Because if something useful is to be done, we must first be informed.