Nader and the Soltice

It is the day after the longest day of the year… which means here in Amsterdam, it will probably be dark only for 3 or 4 hours tonight. And in celebration, Im off to meet a boatload of strangers from, for some kind of pagan party. You might all remember my dear friend lil Robin, whom I wouldn’t have met in New Orleans without the services of hospitality club.

In the meantime, you listening recommendation for this weekend is none other than Ralph Nader during his recent interview on Radio Open Source. Many comment leavers on that site complained that NAder didn’t talk enough about the 2000 election.. very eager to keep blaming him for the fact that the 2 party system is a farce. BUT NEVERMIND ALL THAT.

If you listen to this show you will enjoy it, so long as you’re interested in family, tradition, culture, and history. He tells great stories of how his mother raised him and while you might accuse him of boasting… I too will sit around and boast about how my mom and dad raised me for probably the rest of my life.. so I can relate.

Plus the most important thing he stresses several times: the fact that we live in an era where we have the technology and the means to record, document, and preserve the traditions of our families… and we should be doing so. I’m a firm advocate of that, and it is wonderful to hear how Ralph is doing it.