Another g8 Season

Here in Germany it seems like the G8 meeting protests are all the buzz in the media. And the meeting hasn’t even begun! Hows that for a powerful protest!?

The organizations involved with organizing shadow conferences and alternative events to express their opposition to these meetings are plentiful, but apparently – to busy to answer my email requests for interviews. I would stay in Berlin and try to find them in person, but the truth is.. I’ve killed my meager budget and it is time to head home to Amsterdam.

Still I do recommend you follow the fun… hopefully they do have some fun out there. As one of my most favorite professors, Dr. George Gregoriou used to say, “We used to go to all the demonstrations because it was like going to the best parties”. At least I think he used to say that.

Stay tuned to (including live radio streams), and maybe Attac and a few other websites. PErhaps even mine if these guys ever get back to me. This could be a very interesting season of G8 protests here in Germany and it all kicks off tomorrow.