Follow Law, Not the Law

It is an interesting era to live in, this age of new and better uses for the internet, as some people get it and some people.. well.. don’t yet. By interesting I mean sometimes it is exciting and enlightening, while other times it is extremely frustrating feeling like the guy who came from the future to tell everyone important information and no one will listen.

But I’m not from the future, I just live relatively close to the cutting edge when it comes to information and journalism. (or so I tell myself)

Therefore I like to share with all of you who are out there. A mix of individuals, some old friends, some new friends, some have never spoken to me before, and others see me all the time. You look to me for some reason, and the least I can do is bring some new ideas to light and recommend those who I consider to be essential sources for knowledge.

One such source relates to the world of law; JURIST. This is a blog from the University of Pittsburg that covers all the big legal issues going on in the world. Every day or so I run down the list of latest posts in their feed and follow their sources. Sometimes this leads me to a new story, or helps me to reach a more informed opinion on issues as far off as the new constitutional provisions in Kazakhstan or the mass release of improperly sentenced juveniles in Texas. Either way it concerns me as a citizen of the world who values social justice and human rights.

So if you’re in to these types of values… make sure to subscribe to JURIST.