Dr. M Goes Swedish

Longtime blogreaders might remember my good friend Crazy Dr. M., Californian turned Amsterdamer years and years ago. And after many wonderful years and countless barbecues, the good Dr. is taking a job up in Umea, Sweden. Home to another good friend. (remember when I went to visit in 2005?)

As we celebrated his departure today, he began telling me of an upcoming trip to a place called Sergipe, Brazil. (pronounce it, ser-jee-pee) He asked me if I knew anything about it, and until tonight, I didn’t.

Apparently Sergipe is a pretty untouched state, lots of savannah is nature in general. But as Dr. M was telling me, they’ve got plans to build new cities and other development. Which eventually led us to another discussion that I’ve often heard in the last year: A state like Sergipe produces sugar cane. If Brazil and other countries of the world start to push for ethenol/fuels that are made from sugar, that means more sugar cane plantations will be needed and more land will be cleared. IRONIC. In an effort to do something responsible for the environment, this would serve to destroy more natural habitats, forests, jungles, etc. And from the way the bigshots like the presidents of Brazil and the US seem to be talking, this is exactly what will happen… big money for sugar and corn based fuels.

People always say, well, we have to try something. I’m all for action, but demand some serious analysis and more responsible policies.