Art, Violence, and Other Recommendations

Art, violence, politics, sometimes they all just hit me in the face in one sitting. And so allow me to share some links with you today to illustrate:

First, I was watching a lovely vlog entry on, featuring my good friend and wonderful artist Hollye Davidson. Her explanation of how colors can be seen and how she sees colors what particularly fun for me to watch. Plus if you’re a dog person, or like me.. just enjoy watching dogs and not having one, there’s some great video of two very unique creatures.

From there I read Pauline’s latest entry from Equatorial Guinea. Not that she encountered physical violence, but her account of what I see as mental and emotional violence got me very upset. You’ve probably heard Pauline on my podcast in the past, and her blog continues to rise in terms of richness of content.

Then it all comes apart, as it so often does when I watch Euronews’ Nocomment section. I’ll spare you the video of Turkish police beating the crap out of horrified pro-democracy protesters, but what I do recommend is that you watch the Iraq entry. (follow this link, and scroll down, click on 30/04
If you watch, you’ll see amazing beauty in one of the worst parts of Baghdad. The terrible wall they have sadly laid down to divide communities, being painted in such amazing ways by local people. Instantly a disgusting wall that symbolizes so much violence and hate, becomes something beautiful to look at. (though still representing a pretty sad policy)

Don’t just scroll and take my word for it, see with your own eyes, and hear with your own ears… if you’re so lucky to be able to.