Recomendations Before Centralia

Long long journey to Centralia, PA today was quite interesting but also very exhausting, but I’ll tell you all about it after I get some sleep.

Now in the third week of my longest visit to the US in 5 years, almost every hour of every day is programmed for visiting someone or someplace. Its always the same old problem, no time left for anything. Trying to find out more on the earthquake in the pacific, reading the news as it comes off the wire.

At any rate, plenty of stories, issues, and audio-visuals in the can for you this month. For now, I do what I know you enjoy, I recommend two things:

1– On Point with Tom Ashbrook had my favorite mayor, Salt Lake City’s Rocky Anderson was the guest and he says such excellent things that make me wish so much that cities all over the world had mayors like him. But don’t take my word for it, if you can’t go visit Salt Lake, at least give a listen to the podcast.

2– Ryan is Hungry teaches how we can compost even if we don’t have a yard. (thankfully I have a rare amsterdam yard) With the help of a composting MC.. or MC compost as she’s likely known.. you can see the step-by-step of how to compost right there in your apartment.