F Yeltsin

Seriously I never liked him and I don’t buy into the whole whitewash the US media gives the story of Russia’s “democratic revolution.” Plus I doubly hated how it was taught in US high school… those pages on Yeltsin, beyond the usual oder of US HS history books, stunk to high heaven. But nevermind my opinion based on facts….

You should read Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone piece. It is excellent and one day if I teach high school, I’m pasting in this article as required reading. On the test there will be questions about how much money Yeltsin stole from Russia, and a bonus question looking for a rough estimate as to how many people died thanks to his “democratic reforms”. Anyway I’ve said enough… read Matt.

Oh and if you still need good writing, in this case having nothing to do with fat glorified oligarchs, read Jamie’s latest… love his stories.