bm195 Fighting for the Wetlands

by bicyclemark

These days, you won’t often find the mainstream media talking about the rebuilding process in and around new olreans. There is even less of a chance they’ll bring up a widely known yet under reported issue: the destruction of the wetlands in Louisiana.
In this show, my guest Laura of the Common Ground Wetlands Restoration program, sat down with me in the upper nine-ward to talk about just how the relationship between the wetlands and the surrounding region has changed over the past decades and what the volunteers are doing in an effort to counter these changes.

We Discuss:
– The Mississippi River and flooding
– The bayou
– Canals, Levees…
– The oil and gas activity
– Government plans and actions
– What the organization is doing
– Who are the influential players
– What kind of progress has been made
– Information for those interested in volunteering


And I mention a book “Bayou Farewell” as recommended by a reader