I have Two and Im proud

WEll, there’s a new cabinet running the Netherlands now, and as per tradition, they’re already arguing about bullshit.

See, the coalition government has two ministers from the Labour Party who are muslim. Or perhaps more importantly in this case, one who is Turkish and one who is Moroccan, both – mind you – Dutch of course. So they have dual nationalities. As do countless others, not to mention probably millions in Europe, myself included.

Yet the parliament, which Im convinced is made up of some of the most racist, ignorant, hateful neanderthals the country has to offer.. have kicked up a big fuss about the ministers and their dual nationality. I believe the quote was “They have questionable loyalties” And they’re (on the right) talking about changing laws or god-knows-what in order to force people to have only one nationality.

Yes they continue to try to put more nails into the coffin of what was once a very progressive and exciting country. With each year they dig up yet another hatemongering distraction of an issue that targets we “the foreigners”.

But the jokes on them; all those reactionary dinosaurs in parliament. I’m younger then you are. And so are my immigrant bretheren. And we will live on long after you’ve decomposed, and we will keep our two passports, and we’ll speak whatever languages we like on these streets, and you’ll just have to roll around in your grave and try and get used to it.

To their credit, I believe one of the “accused” ministers said something to the effect of “Some of the worst crimes in the history of this country were commited by Nazi collaborators who only had ONE nationality.”

Dam right. I’m an Amsterdamer and this city is my home and you’ll have to pry my two passports from my COLD DEAD HAND.