Environmental Backlash

Dear Paris:

Did you get the memo from the United Nations? – Global warming is a fact. A fact. Furthermore… a fact.

I mention this because it has come to my attention that you are turning on your environmentally conscious mayor. You dislike him because he’s making special bus and bike lanes and he’s closing some roads to traffic on weekends in favor of people walking, biking, and anything else. You hate him, and you’ll likely vote him out as soon as possible. He is a threat to you and the car that you love to drive everywhere.

But dear Parisien(ne), didn’t you read the report? Didn’t you hear the news? Did you notice the flowers blooming in February and the fact that you could have worn shorts today? This is no longer a test. This is not an optional thing. This is not about when it is conventient for YOU. This is happenning now, and it demands action.

Or maybe you’ll just drive in cricles. Till the river rises up and floods you out of house in home. Or extreme storms and mysterious tornadoes tear through your neighborhood. Maybe you drive around trying to outrun the record heat this summer. Ignore the arctic ice and Al Gore, drive that your new HumVee over to the overpriced café for a drink. Then drive around some more. Vote out that dam mayor and take a pic-axe to those bike lanes and buses. Pee on the metro and spit on the new tram line. After all.. you are a driver… it is your world.

Dear Parisien(ne)…. say it ain’t so?

your friend on two wheels,