bm188 Understanding Todays Kibbutz

by bicyclemark

When you hear the word Kibbutz, perhaps you’re like me and you invision a collective of people working on a farm. Perhaps somewhere someone told us a story or we saw a picture of what a kibbutz looked like, long ago. But what about today’s Kibbutz, as times change, and people start to use the term privatized? With the help of a few guests and different experiences, we explore this very complex topic.

Jason Weill, in Seattle
Hanna Braun, via email from England
Hezi, at Kibbutz Givat Brenner

– The inspiration and original purpose of the Kubbutz movement
– The way of life, past and present
– Money, housing, family, and work
– the politics of a kibbutz
– relations with the government and outsiders
– the privatization and sustainability
– factories and new businesses
– changes and the future
– arms caches and membership
– plenty more, dont just read notes, listen to the show