Real Coverage of the Peace Movement

Watching the movie Bobby got me thinking about the mass support the peace movement had during the vietnam era. Those images from the demonstrations, the marches, the leaders… I start to wonder how what is happening today across the United States might look similar.

Then my dear roomate mentioned how difficult she found it to locate any good reports about the mass demonstrations against the way that took place last week all across the US. She pointed to television and other big media who seemingly swept the story under the rug.

Myself I experienced the demonstration through what is quickly becoming the best way to see the world and events unfolding: video blogs.

Therefore on this beautiful weekend of trying to get my Amsterdam life in order, I give you a few links to excellent videos of the demonstrations in places like Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Washington DC.

Full credit and compliments to those excellent citizen reporters, especially as I’m too far away to properly participate in such beautiful actions.