Frustration for Baghdad, Hope for NOLA

Planning a trip next month to the United States, and it goes without saying how good it will be to see the family and the friends.

But whenever I think about it, a second feeling comes to mind, frustration. To have to go back to a country responsible for so much bullshit in the world. And while I know there are good people, other bad countries in the world, and even some signs of hope in the US, it is always there in my mind when I think about going there.

Clearly I just watched the latest entry from Alive in Baghdad. I think everyone should watch it. Maybe twice. And think about it.. what is this for? What good does this do anyone. And most importantly, who benefits from all this pain and destruction.. cause we should never forget who benefits from all this horror. Now more than ever, we have enough evidence to determine that participating in this occupation of iraq is not only mistake.. its a crime against humanity, paid for by every American’s tax dollars.

On the other hand I’ve also just watched something inspiring, from NEw Orleans. It is the type of grassroots initiative from creative and passionate people, that reminds me of that segment of Americans that I’ve always identified with and that I’m very inspired by. Watch this entry from Sustainable Route and see what a group of intelligent and determined people are doing to bring NOLA back. (maybe I should visit them)