Farewell Molly

While it is always comforting to get back to Amsterdam and what I like to call, normal life, I arrived to some bad news yesterday.

Bad news for journalism. Bad news for the United States. And therefore.. at some level.. bad news for the entire world of journalism.

First, the news that Josh Wolf, a videoblogging comrade and journalist, his requests for appeal have been rejected.. and it seems he will be in jail for even longer.

And then…. Molly Ivins,

One of the great writers and freedom fighters of our time passed away last night. When I was at university in new jersey, studying journalism, I remember discovering both her column and her books.. and being inspired.

Naturally many people have inspired me in this life, but to hear of Molly Ivins death was certainly sad news. I will miss reading her new words and thoughts, but thankfully she led an exciting and important life, and her words are always there for when I want to go back, read, remember, and be inspired.