Weekend News and Developments

On the g-chat the other day I spotted GI-JANE, still out there doing her job in Afghanistan somewhere. It had been awhile so of course we had our usual fun conversation about all topics under the sun. The great news is that she said she’s going home.. after I can’t remember how many months guiding the convoys for the US army.. she’s going back to the US. And eventually.. she’ll be free and travelling, surely to pass through Europa. Unbelievable to think of how much time has passed since we spoke together on that podcast prior to her deployment.

Elsewhere there was this vlog moment from Ryanne, which I’m sure is getting is deserved share of links and references. She had one of those experiences I often hear and notice happen to our lady friends. The construction worker wooping and whistling. Well, using the power of the camera and her keen vlogger skill, she went back and confronted the workers.. and well.. you watch.