Reflecting on Josh’s Experience

Josh Wolf doesn’t know me. But anyone reading this knows that in this wonderful jungle called the internet.. we know many people who don’t know us.

Tonight, as I sat here in my room in windy Amsterdam, I read through this piece he wrote from prison, describing what his average day consists of. It really had me sitting here and imagining. Not to mention appreciating and admiring what he is going through and its significance for all of us who struggle to be recognized and allowed to do this very under-respected type of journalistic work. I should will write to him.

For tonight I quote one of his paragraphs, and hope you’ll read it fully, and remember all those out there who have been wrongly imprisoned.

Although I occasionally watch a bit of television during the evening, I try to devote the last hour or two before lockdown to responding to the correspondence I have received. Just before 8:45 PM, I go into the guard’s office and deliver whatever letters I have finished writing, and then fill up my mug with water from the drinking fountain. By that time, the guard has usually announced lockdown and we all scamper back to our cells where we wait out the rest of the night.