Don’t Use Their Words

Just because the white house uses a word to describe something does not mean it is true.

Just because the white house says something is so, does not mean we should all run around repeating it as if it makes sense.

That said, repeat after me… “I… state your name… will not use the term SURGE, to describe the tactics of the Bush administration in Iraq which involve vastly increasing the amount of soldiers being sent into an illegal war, which has morally and financially bankrupted the country, even though it was already declared over and successful like 2 years ago. ”

Surge is their media-spin word. Like when they used to call rebels against the occupation – insurgents, and it seemed like every media outlet and citizen adopted the word as gospel. They invent these words to make everyone feel better about themselves and the immeasurable losses they have suffered because of an irresponsible and incompetant collection of so-called leaders. They invent these words to make you believe in them and talk like them and forget who it is you SHOULD be angry at and refusing to pay one more tax dollar for war, while demanding their resignation.

I went looking in the non-US press to see if everyone else has been duped into falling for the bullshit as well.

– Lets see, the German FAZ:

zusätzliche Truppen in den Irak zu entsenden

They seem to call it what it is… SENDING ADDITIONAL TROOPS…. they don’t adopt some catchy name for it, so it seems they’re not zombies.

– The French LeMonde:

acheminement de nouveaux renforts et recherche d’un consensus …

The putting into action of new reenforcements… again.. no S-word, no catch phrase.. they call it what it is.

and lastly, my favorite Argentenian Newspaper Clarin:

pedido presupuestario de la Casa Blanca para enviar hasta 20 mil tropas de combate adicionales a Irak,

..the sending of 20 thousand more combat troops to Irak. Pretty simple, no secret words there.

So it seems in my quick glance at some foreign non english press, there’s no translation for bullshit; in this case, that annoying word that the whitehouse is hoping you’ll use while forgetting what they’ve done to you and this world. Maybe step one in the path to liberation, let us all stop learning how to talk about the world from the white house, history tells us they are the LAST reliable source when it comes to truth and reality.