bm181 Croatia, Looking Backward Moving Forward

When we talk about European history, the conversation is usually focused on things that took place in the early 20th century… world war I, world war II… and the decades immediately after. But one decade that had a great effect on the Balkan region happenned much more recently… in the 90’s. In this program I speak with Tom, who is part of MAMA- Cyberculture Institute, here in Zagreb. Together we discuss:

– The end of Yugoslavia, the independence of Slovenia and Croatia
– Milosevic
– Living in Croatia during the war, things you see in daily life
– The rise and cause of nationalism.
– The problems of the post war 90’s
– The big change from 99 to 2000
– A strange music phenomenon that cuts across many countries of the former Yugoslavia
– Thoughts, Concerns, and Hopes for the future.