bm180 What Blogging Means to Uganda

In the western world, blogs are famous for being both about nothing and something. We see different examples of how blogs are used everywhere as we travel the internets. But what about in Uganda; who is blogging, what are they talking about, and why?

my guest, sitting with me at a bakery in the heart of Amsterdam, is Josh from In An African Minute.

We talk about:

-What internet access is like in Uganda, how the average person accesses the net.
-Dominant media in Uganda, which are they, and how do they report the news.
– Bloggers in Uganda, what are they concerned about?
– who are the bloggers, the profiles of Ugandan bloggers.
– the importance of blogs in talking about events in Somalia, and the military deployment there.
– Computers in Uganda, and who has them.
– The future of the blogosphere, as compared to neighboring countries.
– And more.. so give it a listen!

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