bm178 Resisting the War, Moving to Canada

Many of us grew up with stories of how soldiers who disagreed with Vietnam found asylum in Canada. Over 30 years later, soldiers are once again acting on their principles and beliefs and moving to Canada… with some help.

My guest, Lee Zaslofsky, the coordinator of the War Resisters Support Campaign

We discuss
-what is was like during the Vietnam era, to seek aslyum in Canada.
-how the support campaign began and when
-the steps a soldier must take, or what the process is today
-Canadian laws, courts, and the government in relation to how easy or difficult it is
-The rights of US soldiers living in Canada, the benefits and options
-The response to critics who despise the work and ideals of war resisters
-Alternative destinations for war resisters in the world

The article I mention, posted on Alternet