Winter Tidying

Sometimes when a journey ends, you get a fever. I think that’s what I have. So not too many words today, but mostly recommendations. Oh and before I recommend other media, I should point out that I’ve resorted my blogroll which you can see on your left. Still organized in a bizarre way, but oh well, I have a strange thought process. Also, on the right hand frame, beneath my tip jar which always welcomes a few dollars, there’s a handy little google calender tool where you can see where I am or where I’m travelling to in the coming month. Not that I need the whole world to know everything, but it allows people like my moma in Jersey or my friend badhareday in Lisbon to know where I am just by checking the blog.

On to the important stuff. It is saturday, and as such, you should sit back and enjoy some very creative and entertaining media… like the latest episode of Bonjour America. Season two just began and Vinvin is actually naked in this episode, maybe that’s tempting for you.

My other recommendation is a text blog of a friend I haven’t spoken to in ages. But she is the very person who helped me get my most prized possesion and it doesn’t hurt that she is an insane writer. Insane in a good way.. go read Present Imperfect.

I have a post coming up on Sean Bell, he who was shot 50 times in NYC recently. It involves a personal memory as a journalist wandering the bronx several years ago… more will come later so maybe hold the comments on this topic.