Old People Make XMAS

Here I sit at my cousins computer… the air is filled with the smell of fried dough, fish soup, sweet rice, port wine, and well.. who knows what else.

At the table tonight, which I just got up from, picture a long table with about 10 people, almost all of which are above the age of 78. In my grandparents case, way above 80. And, as usual, how the stories flow. We reunited 2 brothers and a sister, not to mention a brother-in-law and some old friends. It is, historically speaking, an amazing occurance.. like a solar eclipse, only you can actually stare and enjoy. Ive taken lots of photos and video, not so much to share with the internet, but to share with my children and my childrens children.

And the night is only half over… soon its time to brave the treacherous roads of portugal.. and head to the next dinner party.. which will involve presents and desserts Im guessing.

Happy Festivus.