Keep the Car Runnin Paw’

Here I sit… 3 houses down from my parents place… engine running.. heat on… laptop on crotch… this is what it takes be a dedicated blogger in this town. Hot dam.

I’ve clearly left Lisbon and it is, as always, an internet jungle out here. Just got kicked out of the Youth Center-Cafe where I had only sat for 30 minutes before they were telling me to hit the road, not that i care, that fascist place firewalls my website. Imagine that? Internet Porn and… thats not right. Both of those should not be censored.

Before it gets to dam cold with the engine off… i wanted to tell a brief story:

Today I had lunch at the pump house.. to see my darlng Elsa. Ive blogged of how much I love her before.. she and I go sooo way back and its amazing to see how we’ve both aged and life has changed.. yet whenever Im here I end up right there in that pub.. and there she is ready to leap from behind the bar and give me a big hug and she knows my flavor of iced tea and loves to tell me about her love life. And thats how it has always been.. since I was teenager and she was this super cool bartender.

As I sat eating, the cook came to sit with me. Ive noticed him only in the last year or so.. looks british.. might be eastern european, I aways figured, from his style. Turns out he’s polish and we got to speaking about a certain town in Poland that Im trying to do a podcast on the mayor.

Turns out he’s also a journalist, just cooking to pay the bills (soon I will too!). He was talking about how opposite Portugal is from Poland, and how he can’t explain it.. but that I must simply go there to see and feel it. He also spoke about how there is only about one town where people walk with their heads held high(!). According to him, most people are disillusioned with everything and either planning to leave or walking around in a rut. This general mood is said to be reflected in politics, where I went on and on about how fickle the electorate is and how they change there minds about politicians so fast, no one has enough time to ever impliment any programs; good or bad.

Unexpectedly interesting conversation at my favorite pub. Which gave me more fuel and inspiration for the Wroclaw Mayor podcast (working on it) and confirmed any thoughts I had about needing to visit that country ASAP.

Time to get out of this car.