Always Learning From Comments

In all my sickness, I was somehow at some pub tonight celebrating an old friends birthday. And perhaps because Im dillusional, this brave soul listened to me go on and on about the power of personal publishing (blogs in on their forms) and the people who read them.. the comments especially, how good they can be.

Well.. as soon as I arrive home, ready to pass out… the evidence is here waiting for me. So without further adue… this post is from the comments, from you out there, on the topic of what was the constitution meant to do and what has been done with it. Even some discussion about an old white dead guy I like very much by the name of Madison.
Some might say — “oooh politics” but I ask that you get beyond that cop-out. This is about lives.. people’s lives and what they can do with them.. what they are allowed to do with them. (among other things) Here we go, picking and choosing paragraphs:

The problem with ALL democracies is parties. The only thing a party does is work to arrange the advancement of that parties agenda irrespective of the number of people in that party. Since the constitution was written before parties, it is defensless against them. They are like a filter that everthing must pass through before it gets to the system, thus rendering the system ineffective. –RogueGenius

…I’m more tempted to understand the constitution’s main intent is to protect the people from the government and to ensure the right to private propoerty. The success of that is a whole other bag but these were men whose freshest memory of government gone wrong was persecution from the King of England. On the surface this leads people to believe that their main intent was to create a government that would prevent any one man from having that sort of power……
Man…the more I read Madison, the more I realize how much they already knew and how little we learned from them. They had the flux-capaciter and we let Biff build his hotel anyways. – van stratt (with the bonus BTF reference!)

The Constitution is far more about sausage-making government and is covered with correction fluid from all the parts we have had to edit out of the Founder’s vision, like the fractional representation of people owned as property and the lifetime appointment of senators. Still lots of room for improvement there IMHO. — Nick

Thank ye friends, those who comment on other stuff, or even rarely. You remind me of why the two way street of blogging is important.