Albania Fever

Since I think I might be sick, it is a good time to mention Albania!

Jim Belushi is Albanian.

My cousin was just on the skypes telling me all about his recent work-trip to Tirana, Albania. Now I’m convinced I should have gone there and I need to go there.

Richard kept mentioning during our recent journey, that we should head to Albania because no one is there yet and there’s probably still this feeling of chaos and rebuilding. Seems alot of that is true. I’ve been reading up (wikipedia unfortunately); Albania was in a very unique kind of catatonic isolation til the late eighties, early nineties. The history is amazing, dating back to prehistory in fact. If I didn’t feel sick I might have more to say about it.. but maybe you’ll look it up yourself sometime.. or visit there, like I will! (whenever that will be, I have no idea)