Venice the Menace

Imagine a world with no cars, buses, metro’s, scooters, or even BIKES.

Now throw in water everywhere, buildings dating back to 1000 something, and a couple of hundred thousand tourists.

Doesn’t it sound appealing?

Strangely enough, I kid Venice, but I like Venice. I often thoughtlessly refer to it as a tourist trap, but it is really much more than that. – It’s a sinking tourist trap with overly expensive food. HIYOO.

But seriously folks, despite all the useless and neverending trinkets Venetians are trying to push on everyone. Even though certain canals stink like a pile of wet garbage. While it may feel more like disneyland than italy sometimes, complete with stereotypical loud talking American tourists. Despite all these factors that a unemployed snob like myself might never enjoy.. the truth is.. I like it.

YES thats right. I admit to liking Venice. There is this feeling in the air… like the Venetian republic is still alive and they still rule the adriatic sea. You can put away the tourist map and just walk and follow your instincts… to find something unexpected and wonderful. No matter how crowded it seems, you pick a path and end up completely alone with your thoughts and the deep history that pours out of the walls here.

And while it may soon be lost to sea – probably in my lifetime – it still seems like a place where people are making the most of the present. And setting up beautiful lowcost hotels with feewifi, breakfastl and reasonable staff . Yes Venice is good for the soul.. I’ve made up my mind.