the Vlog Europe Is The Bees Knees

The last day of vlog europe, the continent’s most fantastically whimsical video blogger conference, has come and gone. After a long day yesterday of talky talky, looky looky, snacky snacky… today was the tourism and socializing day as we explored this area around Lake Como.

As I write this post, maticulously evil mastermind vloggers from Scandinavia and North America are plotting important things… right here in this living room converted into a sleeping room for many. It is a unique experience that will scar me for a life. A blame most of the scarring on this vlog and perhaps this famous human beatbox.

Since the weekend here in Italy has been so wonderful and there is still so much more to see and do or not do and sleep… I’ll be sticking around town at least until Tuesday night.. so tell your friends in the Lombardy region.

I know the fans want to see actual vlogs from vlogeurope… which is a novel and strange idea, but I’ll do it… tomorrow. First I want to make sure the good citizens listen to yesterdays podcast and let it sink in. Into your souls.

So for now.. just some photos to wet your whistle.

Postscript thing: Thanks to the unknown person at VlogEurope who donated a nice chunk of change to me. I lurve you and promise to work hard to continue the media flow.