Destroy a Voting Machine for Christ

Did you vote already today?

Sucker. That machine didn’t record your vote.

But hey, I don’t blame you for trying.

They should crunch some numbers and come up with a statistic: what percentage of cast votes are actually counted?

I sent ace reporter, recently laid off from CNN, innappropriate Brian to the polls with a camera only a few minutes ago. And as he is a great journalist with a terrible camera eye, and I think he was worried he’d get arrested, he came through with this picture. If it were at all in focus, you could see Hillary Rottenham Clinton, supporter of all illegal wars and corporate welfare, located right there on the ballot. And get a load of that machine… it is wacky.

Good luck out there voting citizens. Buy a pint of ice cream on the way home, sit in front of the TV and watch something you left on TIVO. Because it is going to be a bumpy ride once the republicrats take over the government they already control.

Ugh.. I sound all sarcastic and uppity. Maybe I should get back to world news and personal stories.

UPDATE: I’m picking up voter irregularity stories from around New Jersey; Patterson, Newark especially. The awful truth is hard to surpress.