Uganda’s Beloved American Blogger

The question is frequently posed: what do I like about living in Amsterdam.

One common answer, that proves very true this season, is that it feels as though Amsterdam is the center of the world. Or rather; a meeting point for the world, en route to somewhere else. Probably because that airport is so dam big!

This past weekend I had a visit from Josh, a man I know as a Uganda based blogger, originally from the US. I guess it’s more than just this city, but also the power of blogging, podcasting, etc., that made it possible for us to have exchanged emails a few weeks ago and finally meet for some drinks and important conversation.

We spoke at length about the role of the internet in Uganda, and perhaps in the larger African picture. The man has plans, and he has already kicked-started them. And underlying everything, is the hope that I share, that this technology must become more accessible, so that those that are disenfranchised, forgotten, disillusioned, lost, yearning for knowledge and communication; all these people and beyond, will have these tools which we enjoy here in the wealthy west, or elsewhere.

But indeed, it is a long way off in a country recovering from so much conflict and loss. Certainly a story that I hope to bring forward using my own tools, especially audio and video for all of you.

All-in-all, an excellent though brief meeting with another world citizen who is using his abilities and his strength to go somewhere very few are willing to go and doing a job that can truely make some direct impact on a population in need.