New and Noteworthy Vlog

It is Saturday and my schedule has surprisingly opened up. Which means lots of watching videoblogs and seeking new vlogs to watch. And instead of discussing some other crazy idea in my head or occurance in the world, I’d like to instead refer you all to something wonderful.

Many vlogging colleagues here in Europe and abroad, have surely thought about the great world of possibility that comes with personal media and self publishing through the internet and with the power of something as simple as a digital camera. We’ve considered how instrumental seeing and hearing first hand from someone in another country tell about how they see things and explain their culture in their own way. And beyond that, how important this can be to encourage open-ness, communication, and understanding, versus the very narrow and often sensational story we get from the corporate mass media.

Now unfortunately we don’t see, at present, as many vlogs building on this theme coming from the developing world or even the non-west world. Sure there are a few, but they are often drowned out by those that focus on fluff… in the form of tech, or entertainment news, etc.

Well today I finally watched a vlog that does exactly what I am interested in. This Iranian American Life gives a combination of personal snippets, general fun, and an exploration of culture.. all of which relate to a girl named Paris’s personal experience. The entry that really won me over can be seen on her personal vlog. But also deserving of you eyes and ears are the vlogs she posts on ThisIranianAmericanLife.

Go Paris GO!