BM Will Travel to VlogEuropa

I tend to poo-poo conferences. Let’s be real; no matter what the topic and how noble the mission, the world is full of conferences with bullshit topics where obscene amounts of money are spent in order to talk about a problem for which we will have to hold another conference to continue the discussion- repeat process for a few years, run out of money or interest and move on to another catchy titled conference.

Anyone who’s annoyed with what I just wrote is probably a frequent participant in such conferences.

Despite that, and contradicting my normal outlook on conferences, I’m going to a very modest and enjoyable conference in a few weeks: (hahaha) VlogEurope. If you were at the first one than you know how low budget (or non-budget) it was and how the priority was figuring out how to get this wonderful forum – videoblogs- into the hands of people who don’t want to learn to be nerds, but have a story that lacks representation in this world of media.

Milano 2006!

One year on, obviously alot has happened and more people are doing vlogs and watching them, but it is still far from where we hope for it to be. Plus, in making our videos and maintaining our sites, we don’t often get to sit together in person and experience the energy and feed off the inspiration. So this year, when we meet up in Milano for a weekend, we will have that rare occasion for all of this and more.

If you can make it to Italy, or you’re just curious to know more: read up and consider joining. Or don’t… either way Ill be reporting from Italy, Slovenia, and more, come November 17th.