Flew Past The Big Apple

I’m just in off the KLM flight from Amsterdam. Badly in need of sleep, and what better place to sleep then the bed which I basically grew up sleeping on, not including the new-er mattress.

Before I head off to jet-lag-sleep-land, I wanted to mention something I noticed as the tanks rolled through Bangkok earlier this week: Josh Wolf, the very active citizen journalist, who you may have heard on Democracy Now last week, is heading back to jail. Once again the authorities want him silenced and used as an example for all citizen journalists to be afraid when it comes to doing their work. Josh gets my utmost respect for the way he has gone to jail and does not run from the idea of having to go back. Myself I imagine I would be finding ways to fly off to some safe haven country somewhere, out of fear of incarseration.

So watch his video, and like the man says… talk about this on your blog, at work, etc. Spread the word and do not let such battles go unnoticed.