Down With the Pine Trees

Greetings from Southern New Jersey.. where Im hiding out for two days with my oldest of old friends nocoins and the leah. We’re exploring the jersey shore and tomorrow the cranberry something something bogs which apparently are the only ones in the US or the world or the solar system or this town. Internet is spotty, so Im parked outside the house borrow the neighbors wifi.. thanks retirement community!

One thought before I go, besides the beauty of this state, which I will save for tomorrow; Bill Clinton.

Lots of people kiss clinton’s ass. He was so great.. he was so cool.. bla bla bla the nation misses him. I understand why they say that when you compare him to the current torturer-n-chief. But as I listened to him today on meet the press, going on and on about killing Bin Laden.. and how he tried to kill and wanted to kill and kill kill kill. All I I could hear after a while was clinton saying kill kill kill. It reminded me about what I dont like about the man and how i think the nostalgia is un-deserving for such a conservative democrat who claims to be a champion of all things human rights and international law. I don’t like the nostalgia and i think its miss placed. Furthermore i find it pathetic that he’s appearing everywhere defending his record. If his record wasn’t so spotty on everything.. he wouldnt have to be doing this.

I digress, I just don’t like clinton and his post presidency coolness. Carter is still the coolest ex-president and a man who really knows how to roll up his sleaves and work to make a slightly better world.

Anyway.. i think its tea time out here in the jersey shore retirement community.