Dare to Debate

For me, the most annoying part about listening to American politicians talk about the world, is when they decide everything is linked to Iran. It’s ponderous… a relatively small country in the world, yet everything bad somehow originates from there.. according to Us politicians regardless of which of the 2 twin parties they belong to.

While riding through fairly sunny Amsterdam en route from work, I once again had a fit of cursing and could barely focus on pedaling, as I listened to Santorum debate Casey, as both men are running for senate in Pennsylvania. You’d think that a love fest where two men profess how much they agree with each other and how they both believe the same things, that should be a lovely and touching occasion. Not so. The more they played the “who can play war better” game, the more I pitied anyone who lives and hopes to vote in the state of PA. And of course, the rest of the nation, that has to tolerate one of these ignorant assholes, once they get elected. But it makes it EVEN MORE annoying for me when they go on and on about how Iran is the true problem of the planet.

Speaking of everyone’s favorite and willing scapegoat, the president of Iran was on 60 minutes a few weeks back. It was a pretty funny interview, as he is a very stubborn and confusing man, but never mind what I think of Mike Wallace. (insert laughter)

No, seriously, the interview wasn’t terribly impressive. The president did the usual, speaking in a very round about, confusing manner, that allows people to read into his words and make conclusions like “he’s a halocaust denier” or “he wants to wipe Israel off the map”, both statements, which have actually been debunked (see On the Media Episode from June and the very confusing Spiegel interview i linked in June). But no doubt about it, it seems like he is too stubborn to speak in a more clear and direct manner about his opinions and plans for the country.

Regardless, throughout his many interviews in the past 6 months, one fact continues to shine through, and it is one I very much want echoed for all to hear: he is a human being that can be talked to and even… dare I say it… reasoned with! The latter being more certain. Yet the American government, regardless of party, seems obsessed with pointing fingers and making him some kind of madman. They need him to be a madman. Their last madman is currently giving long speeches in a Baghdad courtroom, they’re really hoping for a new figure to rally the country around and keep everyone nice and scared.

Now he proposed a televized debate with Bush. And yet, we don’t even need to ask, because you know Bush won’t debate him. Hell, Bush tries his best not to ever debate American politicians, nevermind the leader of Iran. And so the offer remains on the table, another sign this is NO madman. Annoying, perhaps. Conservative and a jerk, clearly. And yet, he proposes a duel of words, not a duel of weapons. But that’s not how the American government wants the story to read.. so they’ll keep pushing their version.

I guess I’ll keep pushing mine.