Because He Can

I crossed 5th Av. as quickly as possible and headed towards the car that had just pulled over to pick me up. Out popped the great Tony Pierce, who just happened to be passing through NYC on the same day I was visiting the Trippist people. I glanced at the California plates and took note of the sirius satellite radio, and off we drove towards Union Square.

We walked the streets and caught up on what each of us has been up to. In his case, driving across the United States. I couldn’t remember, though I’m a loyal reader of the busblog, why he was making this trip. When asked, his response was simple: “Because I can.” He even tried to convince me to delay my return to Amsterdam and drive down to DC with him. Tempting, but I’m falling way too behind on my life in Holland to delay my return this coming week.

Manhattan is just as it always was. Which at some level amazes me; so many cities are heavily pursuing traffic limits, congestion charges, car-free neighborhoods and pedestrian centers. New York City still lets any clown drive his or her jalopy right into its heart. Somehow the streets don’t completely clog like Dick Cheney’s arteries… allowing for some traffic to flow in between very long pauses and holdups.

We passed by the Voice but didn’t go in. Went by Yaffa but didn’t stop to eat. Looked towards Washington Square but didn’t stop to sit. It was and has been my whirlwind visit, and as usual I’m not doing half the things I intended to do.