The Night Before the American Invasion

They’re coming.

They’re using planes as their method of transportation.

They leave from various US cities, often travelling alone or in groups of 2 or 3.

They travel with a great deal of electronics, mostly ipods, laptops, and other personal devices.

They are very well financed, with enough money to run their operations in Europe for at least 5 months.

They tend to look suspicious, easily identified by speaking loudly in their distinct accent.

And they will stop at nothing, until they can move into our neighborhoods, put up some posters of the icons their worship, and infiltrate our higher education system, posing as students.

… They are the American exchange students. And they arrive in T-Minus 9 hours.

My mission, which few would be brave enough to accept (I need the money and I’m mentally unbalanced), is to assist in this process. I must not show signs of weakness if they complain or make demands of me. I must be stoic and in control. Although they may be determined to disrupt my freedom and way of life, I must meet them head on, for my mission is noble and I will not give in to their desctructive, my-closet-isn’t-big-enough ideology.