Leaving the Lisbon

The digital thermometer on the wall reads 32 degrees celcius. Needless to say, I’m very glad my visit to Portugal has come to an end. As much as I love this city, my Lisbon, and travelling around the country with my family, I’m ready to get back to Amsterdam and the cool weather and the rain and back to doing my life’s work — observing the world and being a watchdog for injustice…. like the three amigo’s only I don’t have the uniform and I’m only one.

My time in the south of Portugal was a very disconnected time, hence the first 48 hour lapse in posting in… I don’t know how long. I’m also still catching up with the latest reports and developments in places besides Lebanon, the UK and the US. (tv news only seems to give me that)

As I warm up and get back into podcasting/blogging form, I have a few links to share: first, there’s my former professor, mentor, and friend Steve Shalom who wrote a piece related to Lebanon-Israel on ZNet.
then there’s Rupert Murdoch who’s made some big deals in Italy and Turkey and still seems bent on taking over the world’s media.
And finally, on a non-news related note… the beloved Della and her man have arrived in Korea, and you can follow the adventure of another in the growing number of expats out here in the world.

Catch you when Im back in amsterdam.