Third World of Europe

I always wondered when my impoverished neighborhood of Lisbon would finally have some Wifi signals. And for the first time ever.. there’s one on the radar besides the one that I create with my airport express. Very exciting… even if somehow it doesn’t work for me.

There’s a show being uploaded right now… but its going to take 2 hours to upload. This is painful.

The good new is that I was on BBC Worldservice “World Have Your Say” again today. This time the subject was how I feel about my government’s policy regarding Lebanon-Israel. If you want to know what I said, you’ll have to find the audio.. somewhere in the BBC Radio website. I couldn’t find it and my internet is barely existant.

I will just add that it was exciting to get the call from the Beeb even here in Lisbon. Last week I was Mark in the Netherlands… today I was Mark in Portugal… I want to keep moving just to hear how it sounds when I speak on the radio.

I’m going to leave it at that until this show is posted. I think I’m on vacation right now.
In the meantime… go read THIS IS BEIRUT… written by some friends and friends of friends who grew up in or are tied to Beirut in some manner.