On the Road with D-Rock

Those of you who are frequent visiters of this here blog, and perhaps read the comments, know my bestest buddy D-Rock. A fixture in the comments and the content for the past 4 years, he has left his DC dayjob and is now riding his motorcycle all over the North America.

Today I thought I’d share a little of his recent email and a photo, without his permission:

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
I got back last night from a VA, NC, TN trip to see Great Smokey National Park, Cherokee National Forrest and sweet ass Deals Gap.

Some cool things that happened:

1) An old fella in overalls at a Waffle House in NC asked if that was my “fancy motor-cicle” in the parking lot. He said motorcicle as in icicle – that was awesome

2) It was 48 degrees at night when I camped in the NC mountains

3) I got nervous when I heard an indescript animal sound while camping, I asked someone about it later when they were walked by. He informed this city boy it was a cow and there’s farm nearby – FYI cows sound fucking fierce in the wild

4) Ashville NC is a crazy little hippy town – filled with high school drama kids, red neck bluegrass hippies and extreme outdoor sports people. You should check it out and eat at a place called the Mellow Mushroom

5) If you straiten your back and hold your head up when riding so you don’t see the mirrors or wind screen just the ground moving beneath you – it feels pretty close to flying

6) Thomas Jefferson’s house was much smaller than I expected – I liked that

7) I said: “yes/no Mam” at gas stations and resurants more in 4 days than I’ve ever said before in my life and I noticed nouns stayed singular even though they were plural i.e. 65 mile and hour, 8 foot of water etc. I kinda like it

8) Even though you’re by yourself you’re never alone